25 Minutes a Day—The Best Social Recruiting Routine to Create Consistent, Reliable Results for Yourself

I’m sharing the productivity technique that has consistently landed our clients 50 LinkedIn connections, 10 good prospects and 1 high-caliber recruit—every week.

Here’s one of those amazing stories that was shared with us at VN²

“After I blew my kids a kiss to chase their silly faces pressed against the window of the always-on-time school bus, I settled into my daily routine. I began scrolling through my feed, peeking at photos and updates, catching up on various peoples’ posts, thoughts, and lives. It was the usual smattering of event pictures, inspirational imagery, business announcements and luminous updates from those who seem on top of the world in every conceivable way. I kept clicking around for a few more moments. I could literally feel my mood sinking downward with every click; feeling self-doubt and a wee bit jealous. That little mean voice said, “I’m not clever enough; I don’t like and comment as often as I should; I need to be an even better entrepreneur; I should have reached out to her when she first connected with me; I wish I didn’t skip 4 days of social media engagement in a row last week.” At a certain point, I simply had to close my laptop and decide, “That’s enough…. To be kind to myself, I needed to log out.”

While the Internet and social media are unbelievable tools, I also know how easy it can be to get overwhelmed.


Why PowerUp?

√ Miss a day, miss a lot

√ Fail to find a rhythm and you fall behind

√ Power through distractions

√ Stay current on social tech skills

Here are 6 ways that you can lay down boundaries and create a healthier, saner relationship with technology and social media—6 ways you can PowerUp your IPA PowerBase, daily in just 25 minutes:

Daily PowerUp

    • Check the New Connections:  view profiles and messages sent.  
    • Save the URLs of connections you identify as an IPA PowerBase connection.  All your new Power Base connections will receive an opportunity message within a week of saving their URL.  
  1. MAKE A DEPOSIT IN YOUR SOCIAL CURRENCY BANK: Look through content being posted from your IPA PowerBase.  Comment like and share when appropriate.
  2. GET INTO RESPONSE DETECTION MODE: Check your messenger for responses or inquiries from your network and respond accordingly.
    • Scan posts from the top hashtags you are following.  
    • Get involved in the conversation!  Like, share and comment. Use tags to bring others into the conversation.
    • Ask good questions in the comments to create deeper engagement.
    • Scan through the trending news feeds and read.  Repeat the same process for following hashtags.
  1. MONITOR YOUR STATS:  Who and how many people are viewing your profile and content.  No need to keep accurate stats…but make sure to be trending up.
  2. CHECK FOR “JUST-IN” CONNECTIONS (BEFORE YOU SIGN OFF): Check for any new responses or notifications before signing off!

Now that you’ve heard 6 great tips that will help you achieve more effective social recruiting, perhaps you believe it requires a lot of time to get results? I’m going to share how you can see positive results with social selling in just 25 minutes a day.

One way to manage your time and energy is to use the Pomodoro technique.

What is the Pomodoro technique?

The Pomodoro technique was created by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. It’s a technique for improving focus and productivity. The technique involves breaking your work into bite-sized segments referred to as pomodoros (the Italian word for tomatoes). Each pomodoro is 25 minutes long. After every 25 minutes, you get a five minute break.

Income-Producing Activity 

The critical factor in any successful social recruiting campaign is consistency. Truth is, you need to spend 120 minutes every day on LinkedIn, to be successful at social recruiting.  That’s why you hired us to manage 95 of those minutes—so  you’ll simply PowerUp each day with 25 minutes!

The key is to focus on the highest leveraging activities—your Income Producing Activities. If you follow a daily routine that ONLY includes those tasks which further your goals, you can quickly and easily generate new leads and build relationships with potential prospects in as little as 25 minutes a day.

What tricks do you have that help you stay on task? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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