Magic Words—Exactly What to Say

We’ve been enjoying using “Magic Words” and, more importantly, the results that they bring for our social media recruiting.

Yes! You heard me, we have Magic Words!

Well international best-selling author of Exactly What to Say: The magic words for influence and impact, Phil M. Jones has the Magic Words. He was a guest on the VN2 PowerUp Podcast and he shared how the magic words.

The English language is a powerful tool ad, when used appropriately, it can ensure that difficult conversations reach a positive, predictable and predetermined conclusion. The right word choices reach the subconscious brain, which allows people to make rational decisions quicker, easier and with more authority. The wrong words choices, well…you probably get a “speak to the hand” response.

Let me give you 2 examples:


#1 I’m not sure it’s for you, but ….

We often find ourselves wanting to recommend something to someone, knowing it may be of huge benefit; yet we struggle to find the opportunity to fit our recommendation into the conversation.


The inclusion of the word “but” in this set of words subtly reverses the first statement, so that, with no burden, the prospect really hears “I think you might benefit from…”


Go ahead, try it:

“I am not sure if it is for you, but are you free on…?”

“I am not sure if it is for you, but would you be open to saving money on…?”

I am not sure if it is for you, but have you considered…?”


#2 Just Imagine

Two magic words that make it very easy for you to start painting a picture in the mind of your prospect are “Just imagine…”

They can also be used to paint pictures of more difficult situations, allowing people to picture themselves in scenarios that either are or aren’t what they want. They can then decide how to act to achieve their desired outcome.


So it could go something like this:

“Just imagine how you feel in X years’ time when you are …”

“Just imagine what would happen if you couldn’t …”

“Just imagine what it will feel like knowing that …”


People will only take action for a potential gain or to avoid a loss. Painting a picture of utopia or a difficult situation will encourage them to make a decision.


Pretty cool huh!…there are more “Magic Words” to learn about in VN2 PowerUp Podcast episode #5— like “because you said”….and “What do you know about”…and so many more! Click here to check it out!



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  1. RichardBillman says:

    Jodi, thanks for your piece on Magic Words! I’m gonna use them more often. I have a suggestion: proofread this article; you’ll see ways to clean it up. Meanwhile, I’m going to the podcast.

    Thanks again!

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