is Fueling
 a Rebellion
 Network Marketing

We Believe

We’re powering up the rise of today’s network marketers—in the age of social media. And we’re winning back the industry interest of potential high-caliber entrepreneurs who’ve remained on the sidelines because of the industry’s bad rap.

We believe abandoning warm market lists of friends and family in favor of nurturing a new warm list of PowerBase connections. We’re fueling a new harmonious recruiting strategy with the right self-branded messaging and respectful cherry-picking of informed recruits that actually self-select.

We believe, one day everyone will engage network marketing as one of the best professions ever. 

We’re Here To Help

And by help we mean we’ll do-it-for-you. Our monthly subscriptions options of done-for-you social recruiting and social media services are affordable and simple—we do the heavy lifting of daily income-producing activity for you. We share our strategy called The AREA Method which was designed to scale a team for any type of network marketing business. And because we want to help you help others too, we offer free guides, tutorials and tools so you can duplicate your new strategy with your team—what’s ours, is yours!We’re confident you’ll unleash a new level of success for yourself—one that may have friends and family approaching you, asking to see your business opportunity.

We Are Humans, Not Bots

As a team of entrepreneurs, we believe the magic in our done-for-you services comes from one-partoxygen breathing humans (no bots or automation tools), one-part proven network marketers’success stories, and two-parts shared passion for curiosity and the impact a social-first revolutionwill ignite

Who’s Behind Your Social Screens

Rocco Sileo

Rocco Sileo

Your Social Recruiting Guide

“I read because I believe we should never be confined by the walls we create for ourselves. I like constructing modern recruiting strategies. I love helping others build their ideal entrepreneurial lifestyle. I hate all obstacles that impede anyone from success.”

Fueling a rebellion against flawed recruiting strategies for today’s new-era network marketers—Rocco brings 2 decades of entrepreneurial experience to the forefront of the VN² Marketing Team. He is a network marketer, B2B marketer, and social media strategist. His unpretentious business-guiding style is rooted in his mission to help others keep up with the dramatic speed of culture-change in the new digital age.


Jodi Gilano

Jodi Gilano

Your Personal Branding Guide

“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say. I like to curate great content and pair it with compelling imagery. I Love chocolate and the color orange. I hate orange chocolate.”

With more than 30 years of experience challenging and anticipating trends in B2C and B2B marketing for enterprise brands including Reebok, ColeHaan, Lindt Chocolate, IDEXX Laboratories and Trove, a SAAS sales enablement platform—Jodi sweats the small stuff. She is a zealous content strategist that cultivates superior personal brand connections in an evolving social media marketplace.

Marlon Balatero

Marlon Balatero

Your Social Media Manager

“I like to unlearn, so I can learn new things. I hate to limit myself to what I already know. I love expanding entrepreneurs’ businesses by offering them less stress and more freedom.”

Deeply involved in the social media communities and continuing his education daily to keep up with the ever evolving social media world—Marlon has 12 years of experience in marketing support, tech support and customer support. Using these magical talents, he leads the VN² league of extraordinary social media managers and content creators, so clients get all the benefits that a trained group of dedicated and efficient minds have to offer.  


What's in a Name?

/ V=N ² / verb

to exponentially
increase your
economic value


The Economic Value of a Network Goes Up Exponentially, Not Numerically

The AREA Method by VN² Marketing was created off of Metcalfe’s law.

Robert Metcalfe, engineer-entrepreneur, founder of 3Com, and co-inventor of the Ethernet in 1970, is credited with an equation that defines the value of networks:

V=N squared

A network’s economic value equals the number of the network’s users squared. In simpler terms, it means that as you add users to a network, its value increases geometrically.

A telephone has zero economic value without at least one more phone added to the network. Once another phone is added, the value of the phone network is squared: from zero to two squared. Five phones can make 25 connections. Add 12 phones and the economic value increases to 144 connections. Add…(you get where we’re going here)