Are You Scared of Social Media—Posting, Messaging, Recruiting…Oh My!

Remember those scary stories that had something go bump in the night? Remember when we used to be afraid of monsters under our bed?

Now one of the scariest things we have to worry about is making connections, finding ideal prospects and figuring out what messages to send—and we’re probably worrying while we’re trying to sleep!

In fact, there’s a word for it—it’s visiobibliophobia (but we’ll get back to that in a bit).

With the revolution to power up with a social-first network marketing strategy, it has become extremely easy to reach out to the entire world, find like-minded prospects and recruit or sell right from the comfort of your home. However, it can be convenient to the point of being overwhelming. This includes the pressure of committing to something new, learning something new, and creating successful habits for something new.

Some new-era network marketers are capitalizing on business opportunities with many kinds of products and service offerings, maintaining complete control over their content, becoming more skilled at the when and what to message, and teaching their own high-caliber recruits how to duplicate the same strategy.

With so many possibilities for profit and promotion, why would anybody turn away from this world of instant interaction?

A simple answer is fear.

If you haven’t dug into LinkedIn Social Recruiting yet, then the time you think you need to commit could be frightening.

To make you feel less scared, I want to tell you, “you are not alone”… “Not even close to being alone.”  

To help you out, I want to share some ways to “just do it” (but, we’ll get back to that in a bit too).

First I want to impress upon you that you are not alone.

I also want to help you figure out WHY you might be scared? Like the saying goes, “you can’t heal something if you don’t know where it hurts”.

Nearly one-third of the world is using some kind of social platform! it’s clear that social networking is more than a simple trend, but it does have some people hiding under the covers.

And it’s not just baby boomer network marketers who are reluctant to dip their toes into the social pool. Even young millennial network marketing entrepreneurs are a little scared.

What are Some Types of Social Media Fear?

Fear of rejection—this is probably the primary one. Who wants to put stuff out there and not have anyone respond? But for some people it can be crippling fear.

Fear of commitment—not wanting to start something because you can’t keep up with it? I get it. But there are ways around this.

In addition to fear, and the many forms fear comes in, here are 4 more surprisingly-not-so-surprising reasons people are backing away from self-branding and social-first exploration.

Do you experience any of these?

#1: You’re overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated from all of the strategies that everyone is doing and you think that you have to do ALL OF THEM to succeed.

#2: You’re tech-challenged and you think that you have to know all these crazy html codes, javascripts and all this technical mumbo jumbo in order to create a profile page or send messages on LinkedIn.

#3: You’re all over the place because you simply do not have a daily method of operating or strategic game plan in your business like a rockstar home-based business boss.

#4: You have no idea about the power of branding yourself, attracting your ideal business partners or customers to you or building your own lead generation list or how to follow up with them accordingly.

I GET IT!  Lots of people get it. Remember, you are not alone in these fears and feelings.

Here are some things you can do to overcome your fears and move passed all those reasons “WHY NOT” to engage in Social Media as a strategy.

√ Have a Plan of Action

Define in advance what a successful social media recruiting experience would look like to you. What would be evidence of your success? How will you get there?

Perhaps you want to get at least 50 new connections, 8 ideal prospects and one new recruit a week. That’s a great goal. Now, it’s time for setting yourself some daily targets, develop new connections and turning them into prospects. If you don’t move to action you will stay afraid and stuck. The quickest way to acquire self-confidence is to do exactly what you are afraid to do.

Develop New Connections

Simply have the intention to actively introduce yourself to others. On social media you very well may partner with someone completely outside of your friends & family or circle of influence (which may feel super scary), but more than likely you will find someone like you, doing something like you’re doing and realize there is a way you can do it better, together.

See it as a Learning Opportunity

The zone outside of your comfort zone is your learning zone. Comfort zone is bordered by worry and anxiousness, but beyond it is that great blue ocean of opportunity and potential. The feeling of worry and self-consciousness on the edge of your comfort zone is a growing pain, a signal that there is a learning opportunity available to you. In addition, while engaging in social media you will pick up tips and learn from other people you connect with.

Read Others’ Posts and Share Your Own Posts

Use LinkedIn network for what it was built. Being on LinkedIn and seeing what others post, what your connections say and do, what other entrepreneurs talk about and need, can bring you a whole slew of answers to questions such as: How can I best serve my prospects? How can I run my business better? Why are they successful and I’m barely hanging on?

Share content you love, create your own network and be a part of it instead of being scared, or being a voyeur with feelings of envy. Start a dialog and think of some questions you can ask. Be a part of the society.

If you are still anxious about social media, interestingly enough, a #hashtag has been developed that basically sums up the fear of social, and it’s #visiobibliophobia. Click the link and check things out on Twitter. If you have it, you’re not alone! And you can laugh a bit about it with others on social media.

It’s time to stop being scared!

Most entrepreneurs know the benefit of Social Media Marketing, but won’t invest the time (or sometimes the money) to set up posts thinking it’s too much of a chore. Or they’re afraid of messing things up. Social Media is not marriage! You don’t have to give up half of everything just to make it work.

Stop holding yourself back from having a successful social media presence. Don’t be afraid of what others might say about you or your business opportunity. There’s a lot of forgiveness on Social Media. Even if you happen to mess something up, people forgive and forget very quickly. Plus…business and life are all about taking risks, right?

Put your best foot forward and just focus on building your personal brand; you will see the interaction grow soon enough.

Social media should be a tool rather than a trend that tests your patience. It may be wise to get a professional kick-start with your content creation, or have a DFY service help you tee-up your ideal prospects. Check out the Done-For-You Social Media and Recruiting Services  at VN2. They can be your doctors of social media—helping you get over your fears; helping you get noticed; helping you get-it-done.

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