EPISODE 1: The Three-Legged Stool Model of Network Marketing and Who’s to Blame for the Industry Being so Off Balance

In this inaugural episode, our show hosts (Rocco Sileo and Jodi Gilano) introduce themselves and unpack what the theme of the VN² PowerUp Podcast is all about: a rebellion against traditional network marketing recruiting strategies.

Every December, about 16% of the american adult population indicate that they intend to start a business in the new year. That’s the equivalent of 44 million people (See the link below if you want to reference these numbers). Statistically, only 1% of those people will actually take the plunge. Why does everyone else stay on the sidelines?

There are three barriers needed to be removed in order to start a successful business:
An idea for a product or service
Financial resources
A great marketing strategy

For years, the network marketing industry thrived because it removed all three of those barriers. However, within the past decade, the marketing strategy for the industry has unraveled because most people’s warm market have turned cold on them.

Instead of spending a ton of energy trying to figure out why this has happened, Rocco and Jodi spend the bulk of the time in this episode exploring a new strategy in the age of social media. Once you learn this new strategy, you will be able to unlock the floodgates for the above mentioned 44 million people who like to be business owners. Listen and learn how to trade in your old warm market list for a new list of PowerBase connections.

Article link referenced in podcast about the 44 Million People: https://polls.jcnf.org/question/in-2019-how-likely-is-it-that-you-will-start-a-new-business/

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9 comments on “EPISODE 1: The Three-Legged Stool Model of Network Marketing and Who’s to Blame for the Industry Being so Off Balance

  1. Stephanie says:

    How do I subscribe to the podcast?

    1. You can subscribe through Itunes, Google Play or Stitcher. Thanks for the support!

  2. melvinmilton says:

    Thanks again Rocco I appreciate so much what you are doing

    1. Thx for the support Melvin. Stay tuned for future episodes!


    The Episode 1 of this Podcast is a “must listen”. If you truly want to understand the “why & how to” of the VN2 marketing strategy then other than the “Free Guides” you have to listen to this audio and might I suggest take “notes” so when you’re in the doctor’s office or somewhere you can read over your notes to let it all sink in. As Brian Tracy calls it, “space repetition”. The story that Jodi provides in this podcast is vital to understand and Rocco’s answer about getting the “message” right is key before “as Rocco puts it” before we have the right to do the Fourth Step of AREA METHOD which is “advertise” our product or services. If you are “serious” about this business then this podcast has to be a must for you and not just once. Thank you to both Jodi & Rocco for this very informative podcast.

  4. I love this it makes perfect sence.

    1. Appreciate the comment! Glad you see the value in the info…

  5. Lin Schussler-Williams says:

    Awesome introduction!

  6. Calvin J. says:

    I am totally enamored with the information in this Podcast! It answers the number one issue I’ve had with recruiting and team building. Thank you Rocco and Jodi for a brilliant presentation!

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