EPISODE 2: Rethinking the Power of Patience in Social Media: psychologically and strategically

In this episode, Rocco and Jodi explain why recruiting for your business on social media requires patience. You have to be willing to play the “long game”. Having patience helps on an emotional level as well as a strategic level.

Here is what we mean:

First we look at the emotional level. Psychologists Don Kelley and Daryl Connor wrote a white paper titled “The Emotional Cycle of Change” (ECOC), which includes five stages of emotional experience when we are faced with change. Change takes time to get use to and it gets ugly if we don’t know what to expect. Rocco unpacks each stage of the ECOC starting at Uninformed Optimism, moving to Informed Pessimism, to the Valley of Despair, to Informed Optimism, and finally to Success. If you are moving to a social-first recruiting strategy, rest assured that you will go through this process. Being aware of this process will keep you from quitting when you don’t see immediate results.

On a strategic level, having patience keeps you from being more than just all the other “noise” on social media. Jodi explains how to get past the noise by playing the long game with your content being both relevant and relatable to your audience. Most people post relevant content, but they have a tough time also making it relatable. Your success requires BOTH!

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1 comment on “EPISODE 2: Rethinking the Power of Patience in Social Media: psychologically and strategically


    Episode 2 (Rethinking the Power of Patience) : Why listen to this to the end? You need to. Without having the clarity of why we need to be patient can result in “less or more” recruits. That sentence you just read probably made no sense but it makes plenty of sense of you have listen to this podcast.

    The Area Method: A- Audience Building; R= Rapport; E- Educate; A = Advertise. If you don’t listen to this podcast you will probably do more audience building and advertise and leave out the “rapport and educate. Why? Not having patience. That will effect your desired results. So this podcast is another one of those “must listen”. If you don’t listen and you find you aren’t having the type of success you were confident you were going to have, then it probably was because you didn’t bother to make a better version of yourself by listening to this podcast.

    There are numerous key points shared by Jodi and Rocco so be prepared to take notes and hit “pause” when you want to write down another gem. If you listen and take notes you have just increased your speed to success.

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