EPISODE 3: Why 87 Million Millennials are Flexing Their Economic and Social Muscle on LinkedIn

On this episode of the VN² PowerUp Podcast, Rocco and Jodi welcome a proud millennial branding and web design specialist, Tova Herskovitz. Tova is a joyful mother of 4 and co-founder of a digital design and social media agency: Boss Brands.

Listen as they kick around a variety of topics including why Tova’s primary social media platform is LinkedIn; which seems to be quite different from the rest of her generation that have dominated the scene on Instagram. We also dive deep into personal branding and how important creating an AUTHENTIC brand is. Why is that? In Tova’s words…”You don’t have to fabricate anything on LinkedIn…and you don’t have to compete with the Kardashians to develop a real brand presence.”

Tova calls Rocco “Grandpa’ before jumping into conversation with Jodi about the values of being a female entrepreneur. Listen today for some fresh perspective from this rising millennial’s playbook.

2 comments on “EPISODE 3: Why 87 Million Millennials are Flexing Their Economic and Social Muscle on LinkedIn


    Episode 3 (Why 87 Million Millennials Are Flexing?) Another “must listen” with guest Tova Herskovitz, a millennial, shares why LinkedIN over other social media platforms. What exactly are the differences between LinkedIN and other social media platforms. What is meant by “unboxing”?

    In the Area Method we are taught about “making a deposit in our social currency bank and do some social listening”. Tova, the founder of Boss Brands, shares how her daily activity mirrors what VN2 teaches all of us to do.

    One other gem that is shared deals with the benefit of women building their brand on the LinkedIN Platform. What are the benefits? You’ll have to listen to this podcast to find out the answer to that question. Great podcast!!! Valuable training!

    1. We are going to be adding new episodes very soon. Thx for the comments and support!

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