EPISODE 4: Transforming Your Business with Precise Exposures at Precisely the Right Time

One of the most important things we need to do as entrepreneurs is make sure we have a quick and easy way to share our story. It is extremely difficult to stay consistent with your IPA (income-producing activity) if you are constantly searching all over the place to find the right message, at the right time, for the right prospect.  

In this episode of the VN² PowerUp Podcast, we introduce you to Patrick Shaw. He is the founder & CEO of RapidFunnel, a company that is taking the network marketing industry by storm with their mobile app SaaS product (software-as-a-Service). Imagine if you had all your “go to” marketing resources in the palm of your hand, categorized at the tip of your fingers, and ready to be sent to your PowerBase prospects with the click of a button! That is just a small benefit of using a tool like RapidFunnel for your business. It will also tell you if your prospect opens a resource, how much of a video was viewed. It allows you to rate your hottest prospects and send email drip campaigns for following up. RapidFunnel even gamifies your income-producing activity so you can incent and monitor your team.   

We are at a point now, where you can’t keep up with your business without a tool like this. So sit back and take some notes as we dive into the mind of Patrick Shaw to find out just how essential mobile marketing resources have become!

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2 comments on “EPISODE 4: Transforming Your Business with Precise Exposures at Precisely the Right Time


    I have to admit everything that I learnt from this Podcast was absolutely amazing. Really appreciated the points that Jodi presented in the beginning of the Podcast and the content that Mr. Patrick Shaw shared was a “game changer” for me moving forward and will definitely have to be listened to several more times. Thank you Rocco for sharing this Podcast with everybody who takes the time to listen to this valuable information. 5 Stars for sure!!!

    1. Thanks so much as always for the support and comments! Glad the value is there for you!!

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