EPISODE 9: These 9 Little Words Will Change Your Social Recruiting Results

In this episode of the VN² PowerUp Podcast we introduce you to Meet Linn Schussler Williams—author of the book: 9 Little Words to Change Your Results.  She was kind enough to drop in on the VN² PowerUp Podcast and translate the meaning behind her book and how it can be used for social recruiting.

While we spill the beans in this description.  We do want you to know that these 9 words are grouped into 3 phrases and you can blend them with any area of your life where you are in pursuit of success!  Are you ready to let go of the intimidation that has been holding you back from staying committed to your Daily Social Recruiting PowerUp Activities?

Listen in carefully to this conversation!  We found this to be an empowering message we wanted to share with the entire VN² Community!

You can track Linn down on just about any social media platform but here is her LinkedIn profile for your convenience: https://www.linkedin.com/in/linsw/

As always, we hope you enjoy this episode!

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