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Magic Words—Exactly What to Say

We’ve been enjoying using “Magic Words” and, more importantly, the results that they bring for our social media recruiting. Yes! You heard me, we have Magic Words! Well international...

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Help Others Use A High Percentage of Their Abilities

We have a responsibility every single day to use the highest percentages of our abilities! We must also help everyone we surround ourselves with do the same. Listen closely...

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Removing Your Inner Thorn

We only have two choices when facing inner disturbances. The default for most people is to try and protect themselves by burying the pain to only find it resurface...

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4 Ways to Max Out the Value of LinkedIn Groups

We are so excited for you! You’re not only on LinkedIn (seriously, so 2012), but you’re using it—regularly—for networking, recruiting and, ahem, boosting your personal brand and visibility with...

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Why You Need LinkedIn Lead Generation Help

Why You Need LinkedIn Lead Generation Help We’re a done-for-you social media recruiting team—and we’re putting an end to hotel opportunity presentations and harassing friends and family. It’s no secret.LinkedIn is an...

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10 LinkedIn Hashtag PowerUp Tips and Tricks

LinkedIn hashtags were introduced in 2018. And while you may already be familiar with Twitter hashtags, LinkedIn’s hashtag terrain is a little different from the other social networks. Just like...

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