Help Others Use A High Percentage of Their Abilities

We have a responsibility every single day to use the highest percentages of our abilities! We must also help everyone we surround ourselves with do the same. Listen closely as Rocco Sileo shares a profound message about leadership, teamwork and people development.

8 comments on “Help Others Use A High Percentage of Their Abilities


    Very powerful. Very realistic. Very effective. Influential.

    1. Glad you are getting value Phil!

  2. Odessa Davenport says:

    Hi Rocco I really enjoyed your listing to your Podcast shows. I have learned so much and I have so many notes to catch up with on my branding in social media. Odessa

    1. Thanks so much Odessa! Stay plugged in…more episodes are on the way!


    WoW, this is the fourth time I am listening to this and sorry for another “comment” on my part but “use the highest percentage of one’s ability. Reminds me of my niece who is partially paralyze and she uses the “highest percentage of her ability” in the things that she does. So the question as you put it in this video, is “we need to use the highest percentage of our ability” in whatever we choose to do. Amazing!!! Valuable. Great choice of video to explain this thought to those of us that don’t just hear the words, but listen with our hearts.

    1. Kudos to your niece! Love the comments here Phil. Thanks so much!!

  4. Brian Abramson says:

    Where ever you rate from 1 to 10 always always do your best but this about never prejudging a person until you walk a mile in their shoes. Hey Rocco I’m loving your podcasts. Your on to something here.

    1. Thanks Brian! New episode drops this week!

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