Removing Your Inner Thorn

We only have two choices when facing inner disturbances. The default for most people is to try and protect themselves by burying the pain to only find it resurface at the most inopportune time. The lesser traveled path is to go head on with the disturbance and rip it out before it festers.

2 comments on “Removing Your Inner Thorn


    Our “thorn” in network marketing can prevent us from succeeding is what I gather from this tutorial video. To remove the “thorn” we need to change our attitude. We need to change how we use to think. We need different philosophies. Is that how we remove the “thorn”. Are there other ways that we can remove the “thorn”? What are some suggestions on how to remove the “thorn”?

    1. I think we all carry around baggage (head trash and self talk) that slows us down for maximizing our potential. It is different for us all…but they key is to LET IT GO! Easier said than done, but worthy!

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