Why LinkedIn

LinkedIn Audience

One of the most valuable
features about our
done-for-you service is our
audience reach through
the LinkedIn network. The
average LinkedIn user is a
network marketing
entrepreneur’s dream
come true.


The social network’s sweet spot is among 30 to 49 year-olds. More than one quarter of U.S. internet users within this age range use LinkedIn.


The majority of linkedIn users are older than 30. These individuals have high earning and buying potential. Additionally they are more established in their careers and personal life—making them prime candidates


Among U.S. adult internet users with an annual income of $70k or more 44% will use LinkedIn. In addition to their personal buying potential

Why You Need LinkedIn Lead Generation Help

We’re a done-for-you social media recruiting team—and we’re putting an end to hotel opportunity presentations and harassing friends and family.

It’s no secret.LinkedIn is an ideal network marketing recruiting platform, used by millions of professionals each day. The mammoth challenge is figuring out ways to be as effective as possible in a limited window of time.

In our experience, working out processes and leveraging the right tools is the surest way there is for reducing the time needed to get big results from social media. When it comes to attracting qualified leads on social media, you’ll maximize your effectiveness if you have services and tools for each of the following:

❏  LinkedIn audience building system

❏  Rapport building system—social media conversation threads you easily jump into and engage

❏  Identified influencers to follow trends

❏  Content to share—tailored for network marketing industry

❏  Scheduling and sharing posts from your social media profiles

❏  Contact list export file tool

❏  Data insights on what’s working (and what’s not working!)

We’ve got you covered. We significantly increase the quantity and quality of your leads with our done-for-you LinkedIn Lead Generation services and tools.

You benefit when we:

✓ Guide you on optimizing your LinkedIn profile that’s relatable

✓ Drive profile views upwards of 10X

✓ Build your network with thousands of ideal target leads

✓ Warm up leads with useful content and social engagement

✓ Require minimal effort and time from you

We take a “social-first” approach to lead generation that delivers value first, before steering potential prospects down the recruiting engagement path. Our approach is warm-market lead generation—that doesn’t need to involve your circle of influence, family or friends. We promise you’ll find far more success if you build a presence in the market, interact with people in online groups, comment on people’s updates (genuinely show an interest in them) and be a helpful contributor in your industry.

Our proven “social-first” approach is called The AREA Method.We can teach you our 4-step method and how to leverage LinkedIn using our highly targeted techniques. Or we can do it all for you—manage your multiple touches, while building you and your team’s reputations as authorities in your market. It’s entirely up to you. Either way, we are here for you.

With our done-for-you service, you get a dedicated team who knows your business and runs a carefully orchestrated LinkedIn lead generation process. We are deeply involved in the social media communities and the ever-evolving social media world. We have more than 30 years of experience in network marketing, marketing, tech and customer support—so you get all the benefits that a trained group of dedicated and efficient minds have to offer.

OH! we should tell you, we are 100% human. We are proudly an all-human lead generation system. Admittedly, we’ve honed our techniques from leveraging 3rd party automation tools in the past. But we‘ve honestly learned we don’t need them to deliver affordable quality results. Human engagement is much more social-media sincere. Plus, with LinkedIn’s newest Anti-Automation Laws, we safeguard our customers by operating a 100% human lead generation system. We have no doubt that other companies will continue to leverage 3rd party LinkedIn add-ons, software hacks and illegal automation tools. The reason we remain 100% human is simple—LinkedIn isn’t going anywhere! If anything, it’s gaining momentum and has massive expansion plans in areas including video, images, online courses and more. And because we respect LinkedIn and value our bright and shiny social-first partnership with you—rest assured we’ll never include illegal automation hacks.

STEP 1: AUDIENCE BUILDING Profile Optimization + Network Building + Engagement

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service begins by guiding you on optimizing your LinkedIn profile to present the most relevant and relatable “you”. The goal is to give your audience a reason to care about you and to reinforce the know, like and trust factor.

We then develop highly-targeted advanced Boolean searches and send connection invitations to ideal target recruits. As we build your network with new leads and potential prospects, we engage them with social currency actions such as likes, endorsements and congratulations.

This process drives up your profile views by 3-10X, quickly moves you up the search rankings, grows your network with thousands of potential leads, and generates warm incoming business enquiries.

STEP 2: RAPPORT BUILDING Building Trust + Personalizing Your Messaging

After connecting with your ideal targets, we send a series of three direct personalized messages. Don’t worry, we write these for you in our “social-first” style.


We carefully time the duration between each touch—we recommend slow and steady in social recruiting and we’re happy to play the long game for you. After all, who are you more likely to react favorably to? Someone who approaches you at a hotel opportunity meeting and from their very first word tries to sell you; or someone who gets to know you and expresses an interest in the challenges you’re facing without initially bringing up what their company does or how they can help you. If you’re like 99% of entrepreneurs we talk to, the answer is resoundingly the latter!

STEP 3: EDUCATE Great Content Curation + Daily Sharing

Too often people kill their visibility on LinkedIn by being overly salesy and endlessly spammy. The problem with this approach is that LinkedIn determines what does and does not appear on people’s homepage feeds. If your contacts consistently find your updates valuable—they click on them, comment on them and reshare them—then you’re elevated to someone whose posts regularly appear in other people’s homepage feeds. However, if you are always promoting your business and spamming out recruitment opportunities, your posts will quickly cease to appear on people’s homepages any longer.

Instead we focus on sharing trends, reports, breaking news and insights that are consistently valuable for the network marketing and entrepreneurship industry. By doing so, on your behalf, we maintain prominence in your LinkedIn homepage feed and your entire team’s profiles are regularly on the radar of both recruits and customers in your market.

STEP 4: ADVERTISE Self-Marketing Posts + Promotional Offer InMessaging

As we build and engage your network of ideal prospects on LinkedIn, we’re helping you aggregate a targeted list of connections (recruiting leads) for you. We know what you’re going to ask! And “YES”, once we’ve completed steps 1-3 you have earned the right to talk about your business opportunity—because now, it’s you they will think of first. 

The goal of your self-marketing campaign, during this step, is to circle back around to your warmest list of connections and generate discovery call opportunities. (Yes! online, not in a hotel meeting.)

Sharing a self-branded offer, article or short-form video directly with this set of potential leads builds even deeper rapport. It educates your leads, establishes trust and provides an opportunity for them to decide if you are worth speaking to. It also prequalifies leads based on their interest level. Interested leads will often comment and share your self-branded content on LinkedIn, which drives more traffic to your profile. And new leads may reach out to you directly after reading your article or watching your video. (It’s an old-school method hotel meeting, done new-school style, and now it’s gone viral! Imagine That!)

Each week you can download your high-caliber contact list and engage them by phone, text and email—saving you countless hours of legwork. These are your quality prospects with up-to-date contact information that are ready for qualification and direct sales outreach.

Finally, an easy way to recruit

LinkedIn is a major platform for network marketing businesses, and it is great for lead generation when used correctly. An optimized profile, targeted search, strong messaging, thought leadership content, self-marketing campaigning, plus a high-caliber warm-market contact list—a method that brings businesses and prospects together in a way that works well for everyone (…not in some stuffy hotel meeting).

When all elements are in place, our step-by-step process generates a consistent flow of high-caliber leads and discovery calls. You grow your recruitment pipeline with minimal effort, allowing you and your team to focus on actually “selling”.

If you are looking for more of a “do-it-yourself plan” vs.our done-for-you service—then our 4-step system and techniques will keep your business booming even if you decide to handle lead generation all on your own. Whatever service level you leverage from us, you and your team stand to benefit from aligning with The AREA Method—proven to target your leads and fill your schedule.